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Technology Consulting
For 30 years, consultants at 7th Power
have been helping their clients determine
how to utilize technology, to make their
companies more efficent in their industry.

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What is MROi?
Marketing Return On investment
is the process in which a
specialized team works on improving your
company's visibility and presence on the

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Why Social Media?
As advertising on the internet continues
to change, finding a reliable,
cost-effective source to drive a high
traffic volume to your company's website becomes paramount.

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Since 2000, 7th Power, Inc. has been helping small- to medium-sized companies better utilize available technology, by providing insight into those technologies that have been specifically designed for their industry.

Over the years we have learned that by taking the time to listen and understand what our customers needs are, we’re able to provide them with the right technology to help them succeed in reaching their goals.

Isn’t it time someone listen to what you wanted, and provided you with an answer? Contact us when you’re ready to see how we can help you.


"Connecting the World - One Business at a Time.”