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For over 30 years, we have been helping our clients determine which technologies to integrate into their company to be more efficient and productive. Throughout the years, many technologies have surfaced on the market. Some technologies have disappeared almost as quickly as they originally appeared, while others have stood the test of time. The technologies worth investing in have proven their worth by showing quantifiable measurements of savings in the form of time, money, and energy. Our job is to identify the technologies that we believe are the most beneficial for your company.


As you may already know, the goal of any business is to make money. In order to make that money you need to make a product or offer a service that someone needs or wants. The service we offer is an answer to an age old question of how to do I save money with a new age twist of using technology. Or as we like to look at it, how do I minimize my expense by maximizing my technology. To get a better understand we’ve listed a couple of examples below.

A. Automation of manual process.

Barking Kitchen is a small start-up company that sells Organic Dog Treats. They have a website that list their great products but customers are required to fill-out a "basic" contact form to place an online order. The order(s) are sent via email to Barking Kitch, where they manually create an invoice, fills the order then contant the customer for delivery and payment.
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Problem: Barking Kitchen currently does not have an online storefront, does not receive payment when order is placed and personally delivers order.

Solution: Barking Kitchen intergrates an eCommerence solution for their website. The solution allows customer(s) to visit Barking Kitchen's website and place items they would like to purchase into their online shopping cart then checkout and pay for their order online. An email with the purchase order is then sent to Barking Kitchen where they fill the order and ship it. Payment is collected at checkout.

B. Eliminating human error.

LGA (Let's Get Awsome) is a construction company that specializes in remodels. They currently use Microsoft Word for building quotes and invoices, then use Microsoft Excel to track company income and expenses.
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Problem: Human error becomes a major factor when finacal data is copied over from the Word invoices to Excel spreadsheets. The inability to being able to generate finacal reports may also become an issue in the future.

Solution: Switch LGA over to QuickBooks to automatically build quotes and invoices, track company income and expenses, and build financal reports. While human error has not been eliminated, it has been minimized. The added benifits of the financel reports provides the own with

C. Streamline current processes and/or procedures.

Glassman, Inc. is a locally based residentcal and commercial glass company. Recently the company has made the desition to photograph all of it's on-site projects for estimates. Currently this is done by the installation crew with a ditigal camera.
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Problem: The installation crew leave in the morning and don't return till the end of the day. This means the crew must 1) photograph the project 2) drives back to main office 3) download pictures via USB cord to computer 4)send them via email to the estimator. While the pictures help cut down on estimate "issues" it also adds between one and two days to the quote timeframe.

Solution: Provide the installation crew a tablet with broadband internet connection. The crew can now take photographs with a tablet and upload the pictures to an company cloud folder service like Dropbox. The estimator can then download pictures in real time at main office, customer can then receive accuret estimate in a more timely manner.

While the solution has additional initial expenses, the investment quickly pays for itself by saving the company time, money, and energy in employee overhead while building customer rapport and increasing the opportunity for on-site earning potential.

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